What do you do?

I help companies accelerate product delivery, enhance their ability to manage changing priorities and increase the positive impact they make on their costumers, their people, and shareholders.

How do you do it?

I coach and advise leaders from the top of the enterprise on how to structure the organization to get the benefits of agile and lean.

I coach the team level of product owners, scrum masters, and developers in agile mindsets, practices, and tools such as Scrum, Kanban …

I do certification workshops for lean agile leaders, scrum master on a basic and advanced level, product owners, as well as other agile workshops tailored to the context my customers are in …

I do inspirational talks for companies and on international conferences.

What do you believe in?

I believe in the cocktail of inspired, motivated, self-measuring & organizing teams, agile methodologies, Lean principles, systems thinking, servant leadership, focus, and discipline.

I love dealing with the challenges and being part of the successes of businesses developing products that customers love.

What experience do you have?

I have experienced several aspects of business life, leadership, teamwork and of war. Before going into the IT world in 2006 I used the same agile/Lean strategies and principles as an F16 fighter pilot. Watch this talk about agile at scale from a fighter pilots perspective.

I have worked as a leader and coached lean and agile in several different business contexts.  I’ve worked mostly with medium and large organizations, but also own my own agile startups (the company which builds the next F16 simulators for the Danish Airforce).  My strengths are in Agile & Lean leadership, people, and change.  I’m a developer as well, so I have empathy for the technical perspectives, opportunities, and constraints of Agile and Lean.

The experiences I treasure the most have in common that they were hard to accomplish, I was part of a great team and we succeeded making a positive difference which we felt was significant.

Do you have any certifications on what you talk about?

I’m certified as a Scaled Agile framework consultant, Product owner, Scrum master, Large-scale scrum (Less), Scrum @ scale. I’m authorized to certify others as Scrum master, Product owner, and lean-agile leader.