Did a talk on the largest agile confrence in Asia about business agility

Video will be available later.

An F16 fighter pilot perspective on how we can achieve business agility at scale using fighter pilots ideas about decentralization, planning, mutual trust and organizational structure. Air combat and product development have more in common then you might think. F16 pilots are planning and executing under extreme uncertainty and in complex environments, just like we are in business and product development. Fighter pilots have thought long and hard about how to solve some of the same issues we are struggling within the agile world. Fast feedback, OODA loop, self-organization, mutual trust, decentralizing without sub-optimizing…This talk will inspire you to see your familiar problems in a new perspective, so you can hopefully find new and better solutions.

My talk from GOTO confrence 2017 is now availavle. Its about the challenges we experience when Scrum is installed only on the team level of a classical hierarchical organisation, and a fighter pilots perspective on how the SAFe framework suggest we fix those organisationel bugs.


SAFe talks at GOTO 2017

I’m going to talk on the international IT conference GOTO 2017 1-2 October.

There will be a talk about how traditional hierarchical organizations struggle to be agile and how SAFe and other agile frameworks solves that.


The other talk will be a case study where we used the Scaled Agile Framework to accelerate and improve our way of working on a group of agile teams at YouSee. 


If you are interested in going and still haven’t purchased your ticket use the promo code  “speakerfriend” to get 10% off registration prices.

Looking forward to meet you there !


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